Glass City: Glass Heritage Centre in Krosno

Glass Heritage Centre – discover the magical art of glass-blowing. Glassblowing shows, beautiful works of art, spectacular events and much more…

Glass City Krosno

Glass Heritage Centre was built owing the support of the European Funds (The Innovative Economy 2007-2013 Programme).

Our Glass Heritage Centre in Krosno is a long-term winner of prestigious competitions and awards.

The history of the glass industry in Krosno and its surroundings is already over five centuries old. The city is the largest glass and glass fibre production centre in Europe. Krosno is proud of its glass heritage and makes a creative use of it. The glass motif is omnipresent here.

Glass-making shows

Visitors can actively participate in the process of glass production and decoration.


Spectacular exhibitions of the most famous artists from all over the world and cultural events.

In our shop you will buy designer, handmade and carefully painted glass products.


Learn about the history of the Glass City and take a trip on a tourist train through Krosno.

Opened in June 2012, the Glass Heritage Centre is not an „ordinary” museum. It is, above all, a fascinating place which makes the visitors realise how many secrets are hidden in glass and its production.

Glass Heritage Centre offers many attractions to visitors. Every tour starts in the glass workshop, where the glassblowers create their masterpieces. You not only observe the production, you can also actively participate in the production process, hold the pipe and blow a glass product.

Another stage of making the product, and another stage of the tour, are the decoration workshops. Here our artists explain how to design and make stained glass. You can try to engrave on glass. You see how glass rods are turned into beautiful glass figures in the hot flame. 

The tour features also hundred of glass exhibits. Those items have all been produced in the glassworks located in the region. They are a good representation of various design styles and various production techniques and they show a great skill of the local workers.

The top level, which is also the Market Square level, features the art gallery where temporary exhibitions are held. Its area makes it possible to arrange various interesting presentations of interdisciplinary character including interactive, multimedia or performance art.

Our Work

Exhibition activity is one of the basis of functioning of the Glass Heritage Centre in Krosno.


Another tour point are the excavated and renovated threshold cellars located on the opposite, Western side of the Market Square. The array of seven cellars offers further glass attractions. The interactive exhibition „Glass in Physics” presents the role of glass in optics and certain phenomena that can be demonstrated with glass tools. The modern means of presentation like LCD screens show old photographs that present the glass production in the first Krosno glassworks. We employ a steam projector that displays a holographic image of a show by Ksenia Simonowa, an artist who paint with sand on glass. The cellars also hold a cross section model of a glass furnace. One of the exhibitions, titled 'Wold brands produced in Krosno’, presents glass products made locally for renown international companies. They prove that the skill of local workers is appreciated by the best players on the international market. The last two cellars present unique works of art. The glass objects are different in their character and the techniques empolyed for their creation.
Discover the magical art of glassblowing!

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Glass Heritage Centre Krosno, PL
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Main building – 33 PLN
Main building and threshold cellars – 42 PLN
Threshold cellars – 12 PLN
Family Ticket – 35 PLN per person
The disabled – 27 PLN
Senior Ticket – 35 PLN
Children up to 5 years old – free of charge


Schools (visiting + glass workshops) – 50 PLN / person
Up to 7 years old group ticket (visiting + glass workshops) – 44 PLN/person

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